Half-Life remake Black Mesa to be sold through Steam soon

Half-Life remake Black Mesa to be sold through Steam soon

Black Mesa, the fan-made remake of 1998’s Half-Life will be released through Steam soon. It’s an interesting development – this is a fan-made game that Valve, Half-Life’s creators are allowing to be sold commercially through their own service.

First released in 2012, Black Mesa is an impressive game that updates the 1998 game with much better graphics and bigger scale. While the gameplay is virtually unchanged, the soundtrack and graphics are completely new. The development team says Black Mesa will be available to purchase for ‘a relatively low price’, but that they will continue to support the free version.

Making Black Mesa a premium release will apparently give the team full access to Valve’s Source engine, which will give it more freedom to make the game exactly as it likes. The Black Mesa Dev Team also said it ‘could really use the financial help.’ This will also help in the development of the 15th chapter of Black Mesa, Xen, an alien world where the Half-Life protagonist Gordon Freeman is ported on his mission stop the aliens from invading Earth.

You can try the current version of Black Mesa here. It requires Steam and the Source SDK.

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