Happy twittering everyone

Twitter clientsI admit it: I joined the Twitter community only yesterday. You know, I’m not the kind of person who blindly joins any social community for no apparent reason. Having already two blogs to work on, I didn’t feel the urge to adopt another personal site and add more updating tasks to my spare time… until now. Because it’s now, well after the Twitter hype has definitely settled down, that I feel like exploring the world of microblogging: sharing small bits of information, seeing what other people are up to, following your friends’ updates, so many things to do!

Fortunately I’ve also discovered a few software applications that can make my compulsory twittering even easier. Partially covered in Cyril’s previous post about twittering from Firefox, this list features a good bunch of Twitter clients that enable you to send updates and stay in touch with friends and followers without having to visit the Twitter website every time!

  • Twitbox – Handle several Twitter accounts simultaneously
  • TwitterBar – Post toy our Twitter from the Firefox address bar
  • triQQr – A small desktop app to stay connected to Twitter at all times
  • TwitterBin – Read and post twits from a sidebar in Firefox
  • Twitterfox – Another Firefox extension to twitter from the browser’s interface
  • Twiterrific – A sleek desktop client for Mac twitterholics
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