Has Flickr just dug its own grave?

Has Flickr just dug its own grave?

Once upon a time, Flickr was an extremely popular platform for uploading and storing all our photos. It even recently introduced a great new feature that enabled an automatic upload from your hard drive – however sadly, this feature will no longer be free.

Flickr has decided that this ever-so-useful feature should only be made available to Flickr Pro users, who are required to pay a monthly subscription fee in order to enjoy these sorts of features. You may be excited to hear that there is a current offer for an annual payment of $49.99, which is actually a 30% discount.

The big question is, is it actually worth paying $50 a year for a service that other platforms such as Google Photos offer for free?

Sure, we get it that Flickr wants to maintain their reputation as being a service that is focused on the professional industry, but considering the plethora of alternatives currently on the market, is it possible they may have just dug their own grave?

What do you think? Does Flickr bring anything to the table you feel is of ($50) value?

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