Instagram responds to its angry users who are convinced the app has changed

A few weeks ago, Instagram shook the cyber world with the announcement that they were planning to change the way we view the information in our feed. Following in the footsteps on Twitter, Instagram decided that is was going to eliminate the chronological feed we have seen on our screens since the dawn of time, and instead use a new algorithm that would choose content for us, based on our tastes.

As you can imagine (and may have witnessed), this change has cause quite a stir around the world, and many users have created posts and campaigns on the network begging the company not to go ahead with the changes.

Instagram has finally responded to the countless campaigns with the following tweet:

So there you have it! It appears that Instagram hasn’t, or doesn’t plan to change our feed any time soon! So, if you have already thought about deleting your account or starting some sort of protest yourself, don’t be too hasty – just hold out a little bit longer until they release actual confirmation of any changes they plan to employ.

It’s worth mentioning that there are also rumors on the internet that there may be a select few whom may be experiencing some changes already (during a testing period), but we have to stress that these are rumors!

Have you noticed a difference in your Instagram? And how would you feel if they got rid of the chronological timeline?

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