Have You Ever Seen a Smartphone Explode?

Have You Ever Seen a Smartphone Explode?

After the exploding Galaxy Note 7 controversy last year, Samsung would like everybody to forget the fact that, for a while there, their smartphones were exploding. A day wouldn’t go by without new reports of an exploding Galaxy Note 7, but we never got to see what it looked like beyond a few GIFs made using GTA 5 mods.


That is, until now. Some pretty hairy CCTV footage has been posted on YouTube, and what´s worse for Samsung, this video isn’t of a Note 7 but of another Samsung model, the Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos.

Despite the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has launched to rave reviews, it looks like Samsung’s exploding phone legacy will be hanging around Samsung’s neck for a little while longer at least.


It is important to note that any phone could theoretically explode if it was exposed to factors like excess heat, 3rd party batteries or chargers, and damage to handset or battery.

What do you think? Would you consider buying a Samsung smartphone in the future, or do you worry that it might explode? Let us know in the comments.


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