What will happen to HBO Max? Warner steps back from merger with Discovery+?

HBO Max and Discovery+ were going to merge into a superior platform, but Warner reportedly backed out.

What will happen to HBO Max? Warner steps back from merger with Discovery+?
Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

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In April last year, WarnerMedia merged with Discovery, a union that turned the company into a giant audiovisual media corporation and was baptized under the name of Warner Bros Discovery. As soon as this happened, the company’s main idea was to merge the HBO Max platform with Discovery+ into a superior platform that would integrate everything.


This strategy began to generate some problems, as it came along with cuts in the main platform, including the cancellation and deletion of series such as Westworld. The objective was to reduce costs in order to invest in this new platform with future forecasts. However, according to The Wall Street Journal, this idea has been discarded and Discovery+ will remain separate from HBO Max.

HBO Max y Discovery Plus se fusionan y esto es todo lo que debes saber

Even so, what would go ahead is the idea of turning HBO Max into something more: a platform that would have the entire catalog it currently has and, in addition, most of Discovery’s content. This platform would simply be called Max, and could be announced in the coming months.

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But Discovery+, according to these plans, would continue independently. Currently the platform has more than 20 million subscribers, who pay a monthly price of 6.99 dollars in the US / 3.99 euros in Spain. Much less than the 15.99 dollars in the US / 8.99 euros in Spain, which is paid for HBO Max.

The fear of these two tens of millions of users leaving has caused Warner to backtrack. Even so, taking into account their constant comings and goings, it would not be surprising if they change their mind again soon.

Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

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