Unlocking the World of Augmented Reality: Leaked Insights into Apple’s Extended Reality Headset Possibilities

Thousands of possibilities on the horizon

Unlocking the World of Augmented Reality: Leaked Insights into Apple’s Extended Reality Headset Possibilities
David Bernal Raspall

David Bernal Raspall

Virtual and extended reality technology is about to take a big leap with the upcoming presentation of the Apple helmet at the Worldwide Developers Conference this coming June. We think we know a lot, but the truth is that we know little about what this new device will allow us to do. Now, Bloomberg gives us some clues.

As published by Mark Gurman, the Cupertino company is focusing on applications dedicated to sports, gaming, health and also collaboration. According to the information available to us, Apple would be adapting the versions of the iPad apps to the format and needs of the extended reality helmet. An approach that will offer a more familiar user experience.


Familiar to some extent, because now we will be able to access applications in a three-dimensional interface. And with that Apple will redesign apps like Safari, Calendar, Contacts, Home, Files, Messages, Notes, Photos, Music, Reminders and several other of the apps we all know from our iPhone or iPad.

Immersive sports and entertainment experiences

With a focus on sports content, Apple is expected to offer immersive viewing experiences for Major League Baseball (MLB) and Major League Soccer (MLS). In addition, there will be a dedicated TV app for enjoying videos in virtual reality environments. A small change with major implications, as the concept of going to the movies can quickly change to putting on the headset to watch any movie on the big screen, even collaboratively with others.

A new dimension in wellness and health

Apple’s extended wearable helmet will also offer us the Fitness app that will allow us to exercise in virtual environments, following the instructions of a trainer. A very interesting evolution of the Apple Fitness+ service we already enjoy, but with much greater customization.

According to Gurman, we will also have a Health app that will guide us through meditation sessions with graphics, sounds and narrations, offering a unique experience for relaxation and self-care.

Virtual meetings and real-time collaboration

Communication will be a pillar of the new strategy for this hull. This is something that we have known for some time and that Gurman now reiterates. A FaceTime app adapted to the experience will allow us to interact with Memoji-like avatars in virtual meeting rooms.

In addition, we will be able to read books in a virtual environment, use the camera to capture images we want to show and also use a version of Freeform adapted to a 3D interface to facilitate collaboration on projects with other users in real time. Although not mentioned in the article, it is to be expected that iWork applications (Pages, Numbers and Keynote) will also be adapted to the environment to allow collaborative work within the experience.

Commitment to video games and content development

Apple is already working with several developers and video game studios to adapt their content to extended reality. In doing so, it wants to offer a representative catalog on launch day, but plans go further. According to Gurman, the company will offer a set of tools to facilitate the creation of AR/VR experiences by developers.

Not to mention the rumors of the possibility that we ourselves, the users, can create small applications and utilities by asking Siri directly. Something of which we do not know the details, but that could well be a more capable implementation of what now offers us the app Shortcuts.


It is clear that Apple’s extended reality headset will set a milestone in the field, offering unique applications and experiences in areas such as sports, entertainment, wellness and collaboration. After introducing it to its executives and on the strength of the company’s ecosystem, Apple is in a prime position to mark a before and after. WWDC 2023 promises to change everything.

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David Bernal Raspall

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