Heroes & Generals enters Closed Beta

Heroes & Generals enters Closed Beta

Since seeing Heroes & Generals at GDC 2012 and playing a bit of the alpha, I’m quickly becoming more interested in the game. Without considering its free-to-play aspect, the gameplay is great. Most of my in-game experience is as a soldier, and there are a lot of details even in the early build.

The monetization of the game hasn’t really been really explained in depth, though it does appear that players will at least purchase weapons to use in the game.  When I was playing the alpha, there were noticeable issues with lag and physics, but those problems didn’t degrade the gameplay.  And since Reto-Moto, that company responsible for creating Heroes & Generals, is always working with the community on bugs and issues, it wasn’t unusual to see updates stream through the browser add-on.

Reto-Moto have announced that Heroes & Generals is now officially in closed beta.

The developer has worked surprisingly fast from the my first impressions in March up to now, welcoming comments and suggestions from the vocal alpha community. Since my hands-on took place during the alpha, I’m interested in seeing what the beta has updated and polished.  I will undoubtedly be diving back into Heroes & Generals to see the changes from my last time in-game.

In conjunction with the announcement of the closed beta, Roto-Moto released a new videolog highlighting both gameplay and the upcoming iOS and Android apps: Heroes & Generals: Mobile Command, where you will be able to view the strategic part of the game played as a General.

Since Reto-Moto mentioned at GDC 2012 that they were exploring mobile devices to secure a connection within the persistent browser war, it’s great to see that the idea is moving forward.  Heroes & Generals is the combination of strategy and first person shooter that also relies on teamwork from both sides to become victorious.

You can sign-up for a Heroes & Generals beta key at the community site here.

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