Hints and tricks to get you started with Angry Birds 2 – App of the Week

Angry Birds 2 APP OF THE WEEK with words

This week we have the sequel to the most successful mobile game of all time, Angry Birds 2 (Android|iOS). And yes, it really is number 2, apparently Seasons, Rio, Star Wars, Transformers… you get the idea… none of those count.

Angry Birds 2 is not a radical departure from previous Angry Birds but it does offer a few fun improvements to the formula. These include a multiplayer arena mode, a powerful spell ability, and a card system that allows you to choose the order in which you use your avian ammo.

But all these new features means there are plenty of new techniques and tactics to learn – so, in this week’s video, we are going to look at a few hints to get you going.

As we said, our tricks will only get you started, so if you have any more advanced tricks to share let us know in the comments.

We will be back next week with another fantastic app for you. Until then, keep enjoying Angry Birds 2 – we are.

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