Hit indie game Velocity Ultra coming to Windows next week

Hit indie game Velocity Ultra coming to Windows next week

Playstation indie hit Velocity Ultra is coming to Windows PCs on December 12th. It’s a vertical shoot ’em up that looks pretty retro, but is actually very innovative and unusual, as well as being great fun and challenging to play.

Vertical shooters are nothing new, but Velocity Ultra adds teleportation and telepods which radically change the gameplay. You can aim a reticule to instantly teleport there, and telepods are dropped as waypoints which you can teleport back to. You’ll need to master both to complete levels with a decent score. These ideas are introduced gradually, and feel natural in no time. It deserved to be a hit on PlayStation 3 and Vita, and it’s great news for PC gamers that they’ll be able to play too.

Velocity Ultra will be released via Steam, costing €8.99/$9.99. Futurlab says the gameplay remains the same, but there are ‘more explosion lights’ in the PC version, so it should be slightly prettier. It comes with fully customizable keyboard controls, and Steam Achievements.

Developer Futurlab is also working on a sequel, called Velocity 2X, which will pair the vertical shooter gameplay with 2D platforming, and it’s looking very stylish so far.


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