Uncover the Secrets of Hogwarts: Don’t Miss the Exciting Launch Trailer for Hogwarts Legacy!

Uncover the Secrets of Hogwarts: Don’t Miss the Exciting Launch Trailer for Hogwarts Legacy!
Pedro Domínguez Rojas

Pedro Domínguez Rojas

Potterheads, it’s almost here! Hogwarts Legacy, the Harry Potter universe video game created by Avalanche Studios, is coming out in a week and we can feel your nerves without even having to use magic. In the last weeks several details of the game have been revealed (some through leaks), like the fact that we will be able to swim and also fly with our broomstick around Hogwarts.

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Previously, we have seen several trailers that left us wanting more. Yesterday, the launch trailer of the video game was released, which will come out on February 10 for those who have pre-ordered the normal edition and on February 7 for the (lucky) owners of the Deluxe edition. And, as you can imagine, there are new details in this trailer that deserve our attention. We will break them down for you.

To begin with, we can see how the protagonist is given the Wizard’s Field Guide, a book already shown in other trailers (it will function as our in-game menu), and we are told that our character’s situation is “unique” and that we will be taking the fifth year.

Next, we are shown several of the classes we will be able to attend at Hogwarts (which fans of the saga will know well), such as Herbology, where we will have to deal with our friends the mandrakes; Transformation, where the teacher is able to create a butterfly; Defense Against the Dark Arts, and we are also told about a teacher with the surname Weasley. Yes, we know what (who) you’re thinking of.

The trailer confirms that we will not only have classes in the magical school, and that we will have missions “outside the ordinary curriculum” (predictable). Something that becomes clear when we see that Professor Fig takes us to somewhat unusual places even in this magical world.

We can take a closer look at the Vivarium, an area already shown previously that is outdoors and where we can take care of our magical creatures. The house elf of our house accompanies us in this place, as well as in the Hall of the Menesters, a place where more than one will have wished to go when reading the books of the saga.

We will meet a wizard with a top hat and a somewhat shady appearance, with the surname Rookwood (yes, like the Death Eater from Harry Potter times), who will show a special interest in our protagonist. Later we are shown a fight against him in Hogsmeade, but it is unknown if it will be optional and if it will depend on our decisions.

Another of the great discoveries in this trailer is the rare ability that our protagonist has. If we are previously mentioned as being “special” it is because we really are, as we will be able to see “whispers of ancient magic”, a “powerful magic that should only be wielded by a select few”. What exactly will we be able to do with this strange ability?

In addition, we see how we will face fearsome enemies, such as armored trolls, strange silver giant statues and… dragons. Yes, in this game we will be able to face dragons in a similar way as in Harry Potter’s Goblet of Fire, although the protective spells that some characters conjure before their beastly flames suggest that it will not be as safe as in the magical tournament.

Pedro Domínguez Rojas

Pedro Domínguez Rojas

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