Homer’s hamper of software

Homer’s hamper of software

Homer's homepageAs the days tick down to the release of the long-overdue Simpsons Movie, creator Matt Groening reckons it will be the funniest outing yet for the world’s favourite family. In tribute to the bumbling figurehead of the family we’ve put together a collection of freeware and shareware applications to help Homer relax now his hectic filming schedule has come to an end.

Coffee Break Icons – We know how often you like to take time out for not-so well-earned breaks at work, and now you can even revel in your passion for donuts on the job by installing this series of coffeetime icons. Mmmmm…icons.

Furnish – Your DIY disasters have become the stuff of legend. Why not plan things out a bit more before you fix that table or hang the drapes? This interior design program will let you create a piece of furniture on screen before you actually put it together.

Hair Pro – That haircut of Marge’s has come in and out of fashion more times than you’ve had hot dinners (which is really saying something). Download this program for her and give her a fresh new look.

Periodic Table – We’ve lost count of the number of times you’ve blown up Springfield by pressing the wrong button at Mr Burns’ power station. Swat up on your chemical elements with this app and you might not get fired so much.

Simpsons Wallpaper – For all your faults we reckon you’re still a decent family man. Enjoy the company of your nearest and dearest at all times by loading this picture of Bart whacking you on the butt onto your desktop.

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