Host your own Olympics – Beach volleyball

Take on an M&M at beach volleyballAs the Beijing Olympics get underway this weekend, I’ve finally conceded that I probably won’t ever make it to the games as a sportsman. Instead, I’ve decided to put my feet up and become the ultimate Olympian on my PC by conquering a series of different event. Over the course of the 2008 games I’ll be trying my hand at different disciplines, starting today with beach volleyball.

Any sport where you get to fall about on the sand in your swimming trunks sounds perfect to me. However, for risk of being sunburned, or getting sand everywhere, I think it’s even better to play beach volleyball on your computer. There are several decent volleyball sims around and I was out to win at all of them.

None of the games I played were particularly realistic, but all were great fun. I started off by destroying a lump of goo in Blobby Volley, a Windows volleyball game, which you can play against an AI opponent or a human player. I then moved on to the graphically excellent Volley Balley, which features the two little guys from the M&M adverts knocking a ball about on a beach. Having made light work of this, I finally met by nemesis in Pikaball. The Pokemon characters featured in this volleyball game may look cute and unassuming, but get them on the court and they turn into athletic superbeings. In fact this is one of the hardest computer games I’ve ever played – I didn’t even score a point. Oh well, maybe I’ll fare better luck in my next event…

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