Host your own Olympics – Closing ceremony

Host your own Olympics – Closing ceremony

End your own Olympics with a bangAs the flame burns out in Beijing this weekend, marking the end of a memorable Olympics, so too does my PC-based version of the games. Over the last fortnight I’ve staged events in a variety of sports, including beach volleyball, table tennis, cycling and tennis. Having picked up two silver medals in the Games I intend to celebrate at my own closing ceremony.

To take care of the music for the big event I’ve installed Virtual DJ. The program lets me play and mix my tunes to send the crowds wild. Because of the program’s BeatLock engine, songs always stay in the beat, so you can work your mixes faster than ever. Of course, the dancers at the closing ceremony will have to learn their routines in order to keep in time with the music. For this, I’ve downloaded Dance, a rather neat little app that teaches more than 180 different dance moves through a series of easy-to-follow tutorials.

Refreshments for the closing ceremony come courtesy of the cocktail-mixing app Professional Bartender, which boasts more than one thousand drinks recipes to help the athletes (well, me) chill out after their efforts.

Of course, the whole thing finishes with a big fireworks display. And if the Chinese can use CGI to make their explosions look a little more impressive, then why can’t I install a few fireworks downloads? The pick of the bunch is the Flaredance Firework Screensaver, which simulates fireworks explosions in an exhilarating display. This Fireworks Wallpaper helps to ensure that your screen is still lit up if you decide to interrupt the screensaver.

Once the party’s over all that’s left to do is get hold of the Schmap London Guide to start planning my trip in 2012. I better start training now…

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