How a trip to Thailand taught me the value of backing up data

How a trip to Thailand taught me the value of backing up data

Insurance is one of those annoyingly adult things we all need. It might be for your car, house, or holiday, and while it’s a bit galling to pay for something that might happen, when things go wrong insurance quickly pays for itself. When it comes to our data, however, we’re often a little too complacent. 

Take my trip to Thailand, for example. When I arrived, my suitcase had fallen under the wheels of the baggage truck, destroying my iPod, laptop, and camera. A quick call to the insurance company and voila – all were replaced after paying a small excess.

But one thing I didn’t get over was the loss of my data. I lost a ton of precious files – including music, photos, videos, and a half-finished novel. I managed to replace some pictures by downloading them from social media, but everything else was gone for good.

After calming down, I couldn’t help thinking, Why the heck didn’t I back up my data? I had my travel insurance. My personal accident insurance. I even had mobile phone insurance. Why didn’t I give my digital valuables the same level of protection by backing them up?

Since then, I’ve been backing up manually, which if you’ve ever tried yourself you’ll know how tiresome it can be. Also, given the length of time it takes, I back-up maybe once a month, more if I remember, and this is hardly the peace of mind I was hoping for. 

Thankfully, I get to work with a lot of innovative technology at Softonic, and I stumbled upon a smart solution to backing up my data:  Ashampoo Backup Pro 11.

The award-winning Backup Pro 11 backs up data quickly and automatically so you don’t need to think about it. It works by creating restore points so if your computer fails, or like mine, falls under the wheels of a baggage truck, you can restore all your data on another machine (hopefully a sparkly new one from the insurance company).

Backup Pro 11 makes these restore points automatically by scanning modified files and saving them to physical storage – such as a USB drive, DVD, or CD – or cloud storage, with support for all the big names like Dropbox and Google Drive.

You choose the files to back up, so you don’t waste storage on meaningless files, and if your system breaks down, you can use the emergency application to boot and restore from an earlier point.

I think Backup Pro 11 is a fantastic way of protecting digital value, and costing just $15.99 for life, it’s the cheapest data insurance policy you could ever buy. So please don’t make the mistake I did. Download Backup Pro 11 today and never worry about losing your data again.

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