How much does it actually cost to charge your cell phone?

How much does it actually cost to charge your cell phone?

It’s no secret – smartphones are not cheap. We can end up paying anything from the $100 mark, up to as much as $1,500, and if you’re currently in a pre-pay contract, it’s better you forget about the math. But, as our lives pretty much revolve around smartphones these days, many of us have never stopped to contemplate just how much they’re actually costing us electricity-wise.

Well, you’re in for a shock my friends.

It should cost no more than $0.50 a year to charge your phone, and this is why.

Let’s take an iPhone for example. The battery of a standard iPhone 6 takes about 10.5 watt-hours of electricity to fully charge. If we’re going by the average retail price of electricity in the United States, which is around $0.12 (0.11 EUR) per kilowatt-hour, then doing this on a daily basis for a full year would cost around $0.47 (€0.43) to charge your cell phone. Tablets are said to cost around three times as much as phones, so let’s say about $1.41 (€1.29), and laptops around $8.00 (€7.34).

This information basically means that keeping all your technology fully charged throughout the year should cost you no more than $10.00 (€9.20)!
A standard fridge-freezer is believed to cost around $90 a year to run – that’s almost 200 times more than your cell phone!

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