How to: add any search engine to Firefox

Add search engines to FirefoxFirefox features a handy embedded search field that you can use to query Internet search engines such as Google or Yahoo, popular websites like Amazon or eBay and many other webpages. New search engines can be easily installed by visiting Mozilla’s search engine list. Sometimes you can also install customized search plug-ins that certain websites develop for Firefox.

But now you’re not limited to Mozilla’s list or to the websites that have created special plug-ins for Firefox. Simply install the Add to Search Bar extension and you’ll be able to turn any search field on any webpage into a fully functional embedded search tool in Firefox.

After installing the extension, right click on any search field and select the new “Add to search bar” option in the context menu. Then name your new embedded search engine and choose an icon for it. That’s all! You can now search any website right from your browser’s interface.

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