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How to become a brand ambassador on Instagram

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Like most Instagram users, you’ve probably noticed posts from brand ambassadors — also known as influencers — on the social media platform and felt a twinge of envy.

What’s better than growing your Instagram audience, supporting brands you love and getting paid to do it?

How to become a brand ambassador on Instagram

In addition to receiving money for posts, you’ll usually get free products to try. Those items drive the content posted to your Instagram feed.

Being successful as an Instagram brand ambassador isn’t hard. However, it requires a careful strategy.

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Continually offer high-quality, relevant content

As a brand ambassador, you’re one of the online voices representing a company. That’s why it’s a good idea to start publishing your best content now. Avoid grainy photographs or snapshots you took after having a little too much to drink at a party.

Also, try to publish material that has a common theme relating to your interests. For example, if you’re a car enthusiast, it’s probably not worthwhile to post numerous pictures of what you ate for dinner.

If you choose carefully when deciding what to post, your Instagram feed could become a reliable indicator of authority. Brands look for authoritativeness because they want an assurance of knowledge.

Make it easy for brands to contact you

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Consider including your email address on your Instagram profile. Evan Mungo, a user who gets paid to post content on the platform and elsewhere online, put contact details in his profile, and his first moneymaking Instagram opportunity came about when a company reached out to him.

Mungo thinks his use of hashtags and emphasis on polished content caused that brand to take note. Including your contact details is helpful, but other actions you take can also make brands interested.

Get creative with your hashtags and cross-promote them

Speaking of hashtags, pick one that represents your personal brand. Also, go beyond that one and come up with several others that are funny or memorable.

Demonstrating your effective use of hashtags shows brands you understand one of the fundamental aspects of getting noticed on Instagram and helping others find your posts.

Furthermore, don’t overlook ways to spread the word about your hashtags offline. For example, you may want to get a personal hashtag printed on your business cards.

If you get interviewed on television or a radio station and asked about your Instagram usage, naturally work the hashtag into the conversation. Brands love it when ambassadors bring up product names naturally. By doing that with your hashtag, you’re getting good practice.

Recognize the power of pictures for stimulating curiosity

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Instagram is one of the most popular ways brands use photographs for promotional purposes online. Events and meet-ups in any industry are likely to include photo booths and other inviting opportunities for social media promotion.

You can do the same and build your brand with Instagram photos that draw people in and make them curious.

By capturing viewers’ attention, you’re more likely to make them want to return to your profile — and keep coming back. When that happens, your number of followers grows, making your Instagram profile even more attractive to brands.

Know what your audience wants

Your overall reach matters substantially to brands when they decide whether to hire you as an ambassador. Besides populating your Instagram profile with compelling images, another beneficial way to

grow your audience is to understand the needs, desires and pain points they have. Then, come up with outstanding content that answers the call.

When brands look for Instagram ambassadors, they prefer to hire people who already have clear understandings of their target audiences. An existing connection to followers fosters ongoing trust.

Join an influencer network or similar service

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Once you’ve amassed at least 1,000 followers, consider joining an influencer network that relates to your niche.

Doing that could make it easier for brands to find you, and you can discover which brands align best with your content to potentially contact them first.

Also, Heartbeat is a female-centric service that allows Instagram users to apply to become brand ambassadors. If accepted, you’ll get offers from Heartbeat’s brand partners and can decide whether to get on board or decline them.

Even if you decide not to take an offer, you’ll remain in the system for future possibilities. Payment for campaigns occurs via PayPal, typically in less than a week.

Pay attention to requests

After hiring you, the creative freedom each brand will give you varies. In some cases, you might not receive any direction.

However, companies might prefer certain camera angles or methods for showing off their products, too.

Always take specifications into account. By doing that, you demonstrate an ability to follow instructions, which could lead to more work and a stronger reputation.

These suggestions should help you make progress while aiming to break into the world of Instagram brand ambassadorship.

Then, you could use a platform you love to showcase products to your followers — enjoying perks like money and freebies while you’re at it.

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