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How to block contacts on WhatsApp

As WhatsApp‘s user base continues to grow with more and more people jumping on the bandwagon, it’s inevitable that that annoying person you probably least want to chat with has gotten the app too and won’t stop sending you messages. Many people ask if there’s a way to block contacts from one of the most popular chat programs.

The answer: yes. You can block people from contacting you on WhatsApp. We’ll take you through, step-by-step, how to block WhatsApp contacts using an Android device as as an example (but don’t worry, it’s a very similar process on most devices).

1. Open WhatsApp to the main screen and select the chat with the contact you wish to block:

2. Tap the Menu button on your phone and select More:

3. The first item on the list is Block. Want to get rid of that annoying contact? Simply tap Block:

4. WhatsApp asks if you really want to block that contact. If you’re sure, then confirm the action:

And that’s it! Now you can chat without unwanted interruptions. How many contacts have you blocked using WhatsApp? Comment!

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Original article written by Felipe Pessoa for Softonic BR.

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