How to change the bitrate of MP3s

soundwave logoHave you ever wanted to increase the quality of your MP3 files? Or maybe you’ve wanted to decrease the quality so that you can fit more files onto your hard drive or external listening device. The quality of MP3s depends on the bitrate that they were recorded at i.e. the frequency that they are in KiloBits per Second (Kbps). The higher the bitrate, the higher the quality although the more space it takes on your hard drive. Usually your MP3s are stuck in the bitrate that they were recorded or downloaded in but 4Musics MP3 Bitrate Changer modifies the frequency of MP3s by simply allowing you to right-click and change it to the frequency of your choice.

In addition to this, it features a label publishing option that allows you to enter the data of the song, artist, group, genre etc. In order to make conversions simultaneously, you can leave a whole batch of MP3s for automatic conversion whilst you do other things or just leave your PC running. If you regularly need to to alter the frequency of your music, then this is an incredibly quick and efficient way of doing it. However, once you go beyond 192Kbs, there really is little difference in sound quality considering the amount of hard disk space that they occupy.

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