How to Create Your Own Torrent to Share

How to Create Your Own Torrent to Share

Although uTorrent can be used to download files, it can also be used to share your files. Imagine being able to distribute your creations, like your original songs, movies, ebooks, and other content to millions of people across the world for free! If you’re ready to share your own files with the Internet, here’s how to create your own torrents in uTorrent:

uTorrent is not only great for receiving files from others, but you can also create your own torrent files to share with friends. Although the task might sound daunting at first, it’s actually really easy to create your own torrent in uTorrent. Here’s how:

Create a New Torrent File

First, open the uTorrent client and click on File. Next, select Create New Torrent. You can also use a keyboard shortcut to do this by pressing Ctrl+N. Once the dialogue box opens, you’ll have the chance to select the files or directories that you want to share.

Select a Tracker

Trackers act like pathways to your file and can be shared with others who download your file so they can share with their friends as well. BitTorrent technology doesn’t store files on a central server network, but instead, it relies on individual users to share data. A tracker is essentially what is used to allow users to find the files they are downloading.

Now, there are two kinds of trackers you can use: public and private. A public tracker is one that is supplied by a specific torrent site while a private tracker is one that you supply yourself. If you don’t have much technical know-how, it’s much easier to just use a public tracker. Because there are hundreds available online, we won’t mention specific sites, but you can easily search for public trackers to get the right information. A public tracker will look like this “”. Trackers are also universal in that they can be used in all torrenting clients, including uTorrent.

Once you’ve found the tracker you want to use, simply copy and paste it into the Tracker Box.

Finishing Your Torrent File

The last two steps in creating your torrent file are to ensure that the Private Tracker option is unchecked, as long as you’re using a public tracker, and then send your newly created torrent file to your friends. They can open it using their own BitTorrent client and begin downloading. Remember that, since you’re the first person seeding the file, you’ll want to keep uTorrent open until at least one other person has the complete version of the file.

Learn more about uTorrent with this convenient video guide: Quick Look at uTorrent.

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