How to customise Vista installations

vLite logoIf you’ve recently acquired the Vista operating system then you might not be too pleased with all the components that come bundled with it. If so, you’ll be impressed with vLite which allows you to customize your installation exactly how you want it. vLite allows you to remove unwanted components in order to make Vista run faster and to your liking. This is not a hacking tool however – all files and registry entries are protected as they would be if you installed the unedited version but with the changes you select.

The program works by pre-configuring the installation, meaning you’ll have to remake the ISO and reinstall it. This method is much cleaner, not to mention easier and more logical than doing it after installation on every reinstall. You can select which components to remove but note that unchecking a component will not remove it. The developers say this has been done because not all components are supported by the program and disabling the check boxes removes any confusion. Be very careful when removing components however because they cannot be reinstalled afterwards. The program does however warn you to be careful with major components by displaying a “Caution!” warning label when you hover over it.

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