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How to: download tracks from Hype Machine

Lewis Leong

Lewis Leong

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hype machine logoHype Machine is a great way to discover new music but what if you want to keep a track for offline listening? Of course you can click through to the website and find a download link from there but there’s a simpler way. If you’re a Firefox user, there is an extension called The Hype Machine Track Downloader. The self explanatory name means that this extension does one thing and one thing only: downloads songs from Hype Machine.

The good thing about this Hype Machine extension is that there are no options to configure. It just works. If you go to the Hype Machine website and start listening to a song, you will notice a new button pops up to the right that allows you to save the current song.

the hype machine downloader

Hype Machine Track Downloader caches the song while you’re listening to it so it instantly saves the song when you click on the button. That’s definitely a neat trick. Unfortunately this extension doesn’t allow bulk downloads.

Before this extension existed, there was a way to use Greasemonkey to install a script that allowed you to right click on a song and save it. This method was far from refined as the downloaded tracks would be improperly tagged and named. The Hype Machine Track Downloader makes this process a one click affair!

If you’re looking just to stream Hype Machine tracks more efficiently, there’s a new program called Hypegram, which is currently in beta, that gives you a slick interface for streaming Hype Machine tracks. Check it out!

Lewis Leong

Lewis Leong

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