How to find out what Windows error codes mean

How to find out what Windows error codes mean

Error Messages for WindowsAfter so many years working with computers I’m somehow used to dealing with all sorts of error messages. However there are still some error message windows I find mysterious and intriguing, especially when they only display a number (Error 123) and a single button (OK) which you can use to accept your failure.

If you too feel like Windows is teasing you with these strange codes, follow my advice: download Error Messages for Windows and you’ll know exactly what Windows is trying to tell you when displaying something like Error 123. Actually, this error code means “The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect“, which makes much more sense than just a number, right?

Error Messages for Windows features an exhaustive list with all error codes you can get in Windows and their correspondent meaning. What’s more, the description can be easily copied to the clipboard for further usage, such as posting on a tech forum for help or sending an email to a customer support center.

The only error codes you won’t find here are the ones you encounter when browsing the web, such as the famous 404 for a not found webpage. In that case, the program will display a message like this: “Undefined error code. An error message can not be found for this error code“. See, even errors can produce errors. Will this be a never-ending catch-22?

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