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How to fix dead pixels

Dead pixel

Nothing takes you out of the moment like a dead pixel. You’ll be trying to focus on a game or a movie, but all your eyes can focus on is that dead pixel.

Wouldn’t it be nice to rejuvenate that pixel? Well, it turns out there are ways to do so. Better yet, you can do it for free and it’s pretty simple. 

How to fix dead pixels

Detect dead pixels

You probably clicked this article because you found a dead pixel that you need to get fixed, but you might have more than you thought. For this reason, you should use a program like IsMyLCDOK to check for more.

The app has you run a color test, stress test and gradient test. After completing each test, you should be able to see every dead pixel on your computer. This is NOT a dead pixel detector app, but an app that tests the functionality of your screen. It just finds those dead pixels as a result.

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Try rubbing it with a cloth

Wipe your screen

Getting rid of a dead pixel might be easier than you realize. You don’t always have to get into the hardware to fix it, you might be able to just use a cloth to rub it back to life. However, make sure that you do it in just the right way, or you can do more harm than good. 

  1. Make sure the device is turned off.
  2. Get a damp cloth. It can’t be soaked, or you can potentially damage the screen, and it can’t be dry or you can scratch the screen.
  3. Press down gently where the dead pixel lies.
  4. Do NOT press anywhere else! If you do, you could make more dead pixels.
  5. While applying pressure, turn on the device.
  6. Repeat the process until the dead pixel is gone.


JScreenFixIf your screen issues require more than just using a cloth, there is another option. JScreenFix has a static box that you hover over the dead pixel. Leave the box in the area for about 10 minutes, and it should fix the dead pixel.

As annoying as a dead pixel can be, a box about the size of the GameBoy cartridge on your screen can be even worse. However, if you put the box in the problem area while you grab lunch, it should be fixed by the time you get back.

Most importantly, JScreenFix is completely free. You might have to close the occasional ad, but not having to pay for or download the service makes it all worth it.

Wrapping up

If you have an expensive computer, TV, or smartphone with a dead pixel, it’s worth looking into the warranty. It could very well be covered, and you can get a new device for free altogether.

However, if you don’t have it covered under warranty, one of these options should help you out!

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