How To Generate the Most Original Christmas Cards

How To Generate the Most Original Christmas Cards
Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

Giving out Christmas cards is a tradition almost everyone follows, and while it was a norm to shop for paper cards and send them out by post, people prefer e-cards for various reasons these days. While these cards are fun to share, convenient, and customizable, there’s one problem – everyone sends them out, and you could send out similar, if not the same, e-cards. 

If you want your cards to stand out, then you’ve got to ditch the pre-created theme apps and learn how to generate the most original Christmas cards. Wondering how to get started? Here’s a list of apps you can give a try.

Photo Pos Pro

Photo Pos Pro is a free editing software. It comes with various features. You can now create Christmas cards on your computer or laptop within minutes. This online image editor comes with various Christmas templates. You can add your personal images and text to the template designs and send custom greetings this festive season.

You can choose from thousands of templates that are ideal for all types of greetings. You can send custom images to your spouse, parents, children, family members, or friends. This is a free image editing tool that has been downloaded over a million times, proving that it’s worth your time.

Photo Pos Pro app, Christmas Greetings

Adobe Creative Cloud Express

The Adobe Creative Cloud Express is a mobile app that’s simple, effective, and original. Although the app comes with pre-loaded Christmas templates, they are all highly customizable, so once you’re done creating your card, it’s highly unlikely there will be another one like yours. Adobe never fails to impress when it comes to designing, and this app is no different. 

The simple interface is a treat and gives you complete control of how you would like your Christmas card to look. It also has an in-built feature that allows you to browse through stock photos to purchase, so your card truly is one-of-a-kind. Once ready, you can conveniently share your cards online.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express Christmas Greetings

Libre Office

Libre Office is right for you if you’re looking to practice designing holiday greetings. You can now create fabulous-looking greetings for the holidays. You can work on the simple design templates and impress your loved ones with custom Christmas greetings.

With this app, you can design entire pages or cut your cards depending on your preferred dimensions. The app is compatible with Microsoft Office. You can use the features that come with this app for free. Choose from the thousands of holiday greeting templates and spread cheer this festive season.

Libre Office Christmas Greetings


If there’s one thing that made paper cards stand out, it was the ability to flip a page and read what was inside the card. Although e-cards gained popularity, the sheer pleasure of flipping a card open to reveal what’s inside is something many missed. If you want to re-create that experience without sending paper cards, then it’s time to try Publuu. 

This app helps you create truly unique cards that deliver the realistic flip effect, which makes cards complete. You can also hotlink your cards and customize them with images, texts, and more. The app takes e-cards to the next level, and if you’re looking to create an original Christmas card that stands out, Publuu is your best bet.

Publuu Christmas Greetings


Scribus is an open-source DTP (desktop publishing) software. You can use it to design and create your personal holiday photo greetings. Although the app does take some getting used to, it comes with various publishing and layout options.

Scribus comes with a host of professional features that take some while to get accustomed to. Some of the features you get are CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key) color management, EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) import/export, PDF creator, graphics toolkit, and a whole lot more. Since it’s open source, it is free to use. If your programming knowledge is good, you can make modifications to this software as well.

Scribus Christmas Greetings


One of the most popular designing apps online, Canva is a great tool to use when you want to create customized Christmas cards that aren’t like anything you’ve seen before. The app comes with a user-friendly interface that makes customizing a breeze. The functions are self-explanatory, and it’s a no-fuss template that makes card creation convenient and fun. If you’re creating e-cards for the first time, this app is surely one to use mainly because it’s so easy that you won’t have to struggle at all. The end results are nothing short of breathtaking, so you’ll always end up with an original card that’s out to impress.

Canva Christmas Greetings

Corel Draw

Corel Draw is one of the top graphic software. Although not free, this software allows you to create fantastic holiday greetings. This software is compatible with various formats, so you can prepare your holiday greetings in no time.

The best part of Corel Draw is you can collaborate with others and create one-of-a-kind Christmas greetings that will stun your loved ones. When collaborating, you can see the changes made in real-time. You can choose to keep or modify these changes so your design stands out from the rest. You can now work with typography, vector illustrations, and layout to create some amazing designs.

Corel Draw Christmas Greetings

Greetings Island

This effective tool is one you don’t want to miss. The Greetings Island app is so simple; it makes your holiday card creation fun and stress-free. Not everyone is a pro or a tech wizard, and Greetings Island kept that in mind when creating this app that’s so convenient to use even a kid will enjoy using it. 

It comes with pre-loaded templates, but you can also upload your own images. You can later save the card in a PDF format and send copies to your loved ones. If you’re in the mood to send out an original paper greeting, you can always print these cards to carry out the tradition.

Greetings Island Christmas Greetings

Place the E-Stamp; Your Virtual Cards Are en Route

E-card creation is a fun activity, and it’s something you can make a day out of with your family. It can become a tradition to craft Christmas greetings that are personalized, original, and worth every minute you spend creating them. Give people a reason to talk about your cards this year with the help of these apps.

Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

I live in South Africa, Cape town, as a father of two children. I've been gaming almost all my life, with plenty of experience writing reviews and articles on the latest titles. With 15 years of experience in local government performing Facilities Management functions, I moved towards becoming CEO of my own company, Celenic Earth Publications, which serves to publish author's books, including my own. I'm a published author of horror and fantasy novels, while I also dabble in game and movie scriptwriting.

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