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How to get Frigibax in Pokemon Go

How to get Frigibax in Pokemon Go
Kerem Gülen

Kerem Gülen

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Curious about how to get Frigibax in Pokemon Go You’re in good company! Pokemon GO continues to engage its community with new additions and events. The recent Ultra Unlock: Paldea event has introduced Frigibax, a dual Dragon and Ice-type Pokemon, along with its evolutions, Arctibax and Baxcalibur.

In this guide, we’ll detail everything you need to know about capturing Frigibax and adding it to your Pokedex.

What makes Frigibax special?

Frigibax is part of the Gen 9 Pseudo Legendary Pokemon and boasts a maximum Combat Power of 1410. Alongside powerful movesets and stats, this Pokemon is worth adding to your collection. The Ultra Unlock: Paldea event not only features Frigibax but also other Paldean Pokemon like Nymble, Pawmi, Bombirdier, and more.

Getting Frigibax in Pokemon Go

The primary method to catch Frigibax is through the Ultra Unlock: Paldea event. During the event, Frigibax appears as a wild spawn, with its spawn rate experiencing a significant boost.

Utilizing in-game items for increased spawn rates

Spawn rates for Frigibax can be enhanced even further by using items like Pokemon GO Lure Modules, Incense, and the Weather Boost function. Areas with windy and snowy weather conditions are particularly beneficial for encountering Frigibax.

Strategy for increasing Frigibax spawn

To maximize your chances, head to PokeStops and Gyms experiencing windy or snowy weather. Use a Glacial Lure Module, light some Incense, and walk around the area. These actions will stack, dramatically increasing the spawn rate of Pokemon influenced by these weather conditions.

Evolving into Arctibax and Baxcalibur

Once you’ve caught Frigibax, you’ll need Pokemon GO Candy to evolve it into its next stages. Evolving Frigibax into Arctibax requires 25 Candy, while evolving Arctibax into Baxcalibur will set you back 100 Candy. Candy can be obtained by catching multiple Frigibax during the event.

Will Frigibax have a Shiny variant?

As of now, a Shiny version of Frigibax has not been introduced. However, like other Pseudo Legendaries, it’s likely that a Shiny variant will be released in future events.

Kerem Gülen

Kerem Gülen

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