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How to hit the lottery jackpots



nationalotteryIf you’re one of those people that plays the lottery every week but never win a dime, then maybe you should try using some lottery prediction software. There are several programs on Softonic that all claim to improve your chances of hitting the big one although each varies in approach, statistical analysis and algorithms used. Your best bet is to try a few of them together and see which delivers the best results for your national lottery.

The most popular is Lotto Pro 2007 which works on the basis of past results of your lottery to predict future results. The program is designed specifically with American lotteries in mind although you can customise it to the one running in your country. The advantage for American users however is that Lotto Pro can also print out batches of tickets so there’s no time consuming filling-in of tickets for you to do. The program is also updated automatically regularly as new lotteries come onto the scene.

Lotto Sorcerer meanwhile claims to take a much more sophisticated approach. The developers claim it’s based on the statistical theories of ‘Deming & Juran’ and fifth-generation artificial intelligence! That’s certainly got to me more brainpower than the average punter employs in his local lottery store. The program claims to look for some very dubious ‘non-random’ patterns such as ‘the weight of ink on the balls’ (the logic is, the ball number 38 is much heavy than ball number 1 because more paint is needed to paint the number).

Finally, if you’re a European player, why not try EcoEuroMillions. The program can print tickets in any European country and shows you a breakdown of your performances over specified periods of time. This program is very useful for syndicates who enter lots of tickets every week but don’t want the pain of filling them all in.

One final word – if you do win, make sure you don’t end up like this woman:


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