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How to install Opera Mini Next

Christopher Park

Christopher Park

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Opera has various mobile browsers like Opera Mobile and Opera Mini for many different operating systems. Opera Mini Next is made to show upcoming ideas and changes that might be implemented into the official Opera Mini browser.

It’s a nice preview of ideas that the development team have and gives you a chance to give feedback. Opera is opening to creating a community for their Opera Mini browser.

Here’s how to download Opera Mini Next and take part of in the development of new features:


Opera Mini Next for Android may be the easiest version of the browser to get. It’s located in the Google Play Store and offered as a normal download.


Symbian users need to use a web browser and type in This will lead you to an online installer that will detect whether your device can run the app.


Like Symbian, Java users can direct their browser to Another option is to download the file from Softonic.


Following the same cue of Symbian and Java, you just need to direct a browser to This will detect your device and install the correct version.


Unfortunately, the App Store does not support Opera Mini Next. Even trying to access through will lead you to the App Store and Opera Mini.

Opera Mini Next is a good app to get a preview of Opera’s plans for their browser. Since you can report problems and experiences, now you can participate in the development of the app.

Christopher Park

Christopher Park

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