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How to install Skyrim mods

Jonathan Riggall

Jonathan Riggall

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Do you want to improve or change Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on PC? Here’s how to install a mod in Bethesda’s huge role-playing epic:

1: Choose your mod and download it. There are tons of mods on offer; for this guide example I’m going to install an enhanced night sky, called Enhanced Night Skyrim. This adds an attractive colored galaxy effect at night. You can find a range of Mods at Skyrimnexus, and a good selection here at Softonic too.

2: Unzip, or expand your file. Almost all mods are offered in compressed form, either ZIP or RAR files. We use free app IZArc to decompress files. To open a compressed file, simply right click, and choose ‘Open with IZArc’. Open the target folder and leave it.

3: Open your Skyrim folder. You have to move your mods in here, so lets find it now. Open Windows Explorer, double click your hard drive (C:), then open the folder Program Files (x86), then Steam, then steamapps, then common, then skyrim.

4: Move your mod file. Finally, we’re here! Now, simply drag the mod folder  – in this case it’s called textures – into the folder called ‘Data‘ in skyrim. That’s it! When you next run Skyrim, you’ll see your mod has taken effect!

Jonathan Riggall

Jonathan Riggall

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