How to keep track of your carbon footprint online

How to keep track of your carbon footprint online

MakeMeSustainable screenshotIt’s always nice to hear about new web projects that aim to help save the environment. MakeMeSustainable is one of the most exciting and has just been launched in the USA to help people keep an accurate track of the their carbon footprint. The aim to is to help citizens, business and communities more conscious of how much energy they might be wasting.

The website works by taking a profile of your daily lifestyle and then gives recommendations as to how you might be able to reduce excess carbon consumption. You can see how you compare with your friends and even register as a company or neighbourhood. The site is totally free and eventually hopes to become viable through environmentally minded vendors who advertise on the site.

After signing-up, you’ll be asked to enter information about how your home is heated, how big it is and where you are located. Unfortunately, at the moment it’s only aimed at those living in the USA but if successful, it will surely seek partners abroad. If it enjoys a big takeup, this could be a seriously useful tool for environmentalists and those studying human effects on the environment – governments take note!

Note that you can take a tour of MakeMeSustainable and the website also has a blog with commentary on environmental issues.

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