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How to make your own Telegram stickers

If you’ve ever used Telegram, then you know one of the best features it has is its extensive array of stickers. Not only are there already hundreds of amazing sticker sets, but you can even create and share your own sets with your Telegram friends. Here is the step-by-step process for making these:

How to make your own Telegram stickers


1. Open a chat with the sticker bot

Bots are the best way to do maintenance with your Telegram account, and Telegram has their own sticker bot specifically for creating stickers. This link will direct you to start a chat with the bot. The bot will then give you a list of commands seen below:

Telegram sticker bot

2. Create the stickers

Before actually creating your pack, you should have your stickers pre-prepared. All of them must be in .png format, and one side must be 512px, while the other must be 512px or less.

3. Start creating the pack

First, you’ll want to press or type /newpack. The bot will then prompt you to name it. Once named, it’ll ask you to place the image you want as a sticker in the chat. You must send this image as a file, not as a photo, by pressing the Send file button. Afterward, the bot will ask you to send an emoji to be associated with the sticker. You can then repeat this process of sending an image followed by an emoji, to put all the stickers in a pack.

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4 Publish!

Once you’ve placed all the stickers you want, press or type /publish into the chat. You’ll then be able to name the link for the sticker pack. Follow the link the bot creates to add your pack to your list of stickers. You can also share this link with your friends so they can receive the stickers as well. Here’s an example.

Note that while you can do this on the Telegram mobile app, it may be easier to use the web version for most of this.

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