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How to move large files from PC to Mac

Christopher Park

Christopher Park

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If you want to transfer a big file, over 4GB from a PC to a Mac, here’s how to do it using a small USB pen drive. I’ll show you how to break the files up into manageable file sizes, copy them to your drive, and then join them together again.

Using Hjsplit on PC and Split&Concat on Mac, you can transfer almost anything.

1. Hjsplit doesn’t even have to be installed on your PC. It’s a standalone app, so simply double click the .EXE file. To split a file, choose the file and set the desired file size. Hjsplit defaults to kilobytes so make sure you change it to megabytes or you’re going to have hundreds of tiny files to combine.

A good file size is around 200 MB. Hjsplit will split the file into the desired size. Don’t be alarmed when the last file is smaller, it just contains the last bit of data. Hjsplit adds numbers (.001, .002, etc.) to the split files to keep them in order. After the file is split, copy it to a flash drive.

2. On the Mac, install Split&Concat. Split&Concat is a Mac version of Hjsplit with the same functions. Copy the split files to your Mac.

To combine the files, select Concat. Locate the first file marked “001” and combine the files. If the file was originally larger than 4 GB, make sure it’s saved to your hard drive and not the pendrive. The jump drive will not support the large file.

Once Split&Concat is finished, you have the combined file on your Mac.

Christopher Park

Christopher Park

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