How to Order an Uber from your PC

How to Order an Uber from your PC

You know the feeling. You’re busy and you’re running late but you’ve got to finish up one last job before you can leave. You need to order an Uber but you haven’t got your phone. What are you going to do?

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Although Uber has no desktop program you are able to call yourself a cab directly from your desktop PC. Let us have a quick look at how to do it so that in the future, if you’re ever caught in a rush, you can order yourself a cab without having to hunt down your mobile phone.

Use the Uber Mobile Website

If you go to you’ll be asked to enter your mobile number and log in to your account. You can’t do this from a desktop web page, only the mobile version. You’re bypassing the system here but the mobile webpage will give you quick, clear and easy to understand instructions for ordering an Uber using the account that is linked to your smartphone.

Once you’re in, simply order a cab using your PC’s location and finish whatever you were up to.

uber desktop

With this simple tip, you’ll be able to order that cab before getting yourself together to leave the house or having to first find your smartphone.

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For more handy tips check out the video below:

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