Article is the perfect mindless summer game

Ben Bowman


Looking for a fun way to kill a few minutes this summer? is a free game that combines the fast-paced racing fun of Mario Kart with the refreshing splash of a water slide. It’s easy to have fun playing this colorful little adventure and you can download it right here: Download Free ►

How to play Aquapark io

Home screen

One thing you’ll notice quickly is that ads are everywhere on this game. Look, there’s even one on the home screen! Oh, well. That’s the price you pay for a free game. You can get rid of the ads for $2.99. Also, if you throw your phone into airplane mode and disconnect Wi-Fi, the ads disappear! home screen

On the home screen, you can click that little human icon on the right to change your appearance. When you start, you’re limited to choosing a boy or girl, but as you continue playing, you’ll get coins to unlock more fun skins. skinsYou can click the gear icon to change some settings. When the game starts, your phone will vibrate every time you bump into another player or a barrier. That’s annoying, so we recommend turning that off.

The map icon lets you see different water park locations you might have unlocked. The basic game mechanics never change, but the appearance will.

Start playing!

You’ll get a countdown and then you’re slipping and sliding in a race to the finish. As you move your finger left or right, your character will follow. Your job is to outrace the competition. The better your finish, the more coins you unlock (so you can get those sweet, sweet animal skins).

As you slide alongside other players during the race, use your body as a battering ram to send them flying off the side. Get even with them, then swipe left or right to bump other players off the course. But don’t swipe too hard or you’ll send yourself to your doom.

As you advance in the game, you’ll see barriers start to appear on the water slide. Smashing into a barrier or into the back of another player will slow you down. Try to avoid that at all costs.

You’ll also see yellow boost arrows. If you move your character over those, you’ll get a massive speed boost!

If you’re in the lead, your character will wear a little crown on their head. But don’t get complacent! Those other characters are going to keep racing after you.

Pros and cons

This colorful and sunny water slide game is mindless fun. It doesn’t take long to play a game, and you’ll get a little thrill every time you bump someone off the slide.

The ads are really annoying. After each round, you’ll be forced to sit through a little video designed to get you to download another app. Hint: The way to exit out of this screen is always on the upper right corner, so don’t be fooled by fake Xs in other parts of the screen.

That said, if you’re willing to put up with the ads or pay $2.99 to get rid of them, is a fun way to unwind. Give it a shot! Download Free ►

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