How to play Deus Ex on Mac with OnLive

How to play Deus Ex on Mac with OnLive

If you’re one of the many Mac users disappointed that the much hyped Deus Ex: Human Revolution hasn’t been released for Mac, then don’t fear. You can still play it online using OnLive.

And even better, if you buy the boxed PC version or know a friend who has, the game includes a free coupon to play Deus Ex online using OnLive so it won’t cost you a thing. This offer only applies to boxed versions – it does not apply to digital downloads or console versions of Deus Ex.

Deus Ex is available in Standard Edition (around $59.99) and Augmented Edition ($69.99) which includes a digital art book, a making-of film, special, motion graphic novel, soundtrack, a free download of the Deus Ex Game of the Year Edition and more.

The only other way to play Deus Ex on Mac is to buy the PC version and run it in Parallels on your Mac  instead but you’ll probably find it works much better using OnLive if you have a decent broadband connection.

By the way, if you haven’t seen the impressive The Eyeborg Documentary which details the real-life backdrop to the game, check it out.

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