How to recover an unsaved Word document on Windows 10

We’ve all been there. That moment when your PC just decides to shutdown spontaneously and you forgot to save that super-important document. Then you remember about Microsoft’s special feature that automatically recovers unsaved documents, but then you realized that it actually hasn’t saved at all.

Fear not! There is still a way to recover the ultimate version of the document, however you can’t do this in Word itself.

How to recover your document:

1)      Use the Windows key (on your keyboard) to open the Windows Start Menu

2)      Click on File Explorer

3)      Select This PC on the left-hand side

4)      Type .asd in the search bar and click Enter

Your most recent document will appear in the results! All you have to  do is simply click on it! The document will open in Word, giving you a second chance to save it!

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Source: CNET

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