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How to restore color to iTunes side bar



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The latest update to iTunes for Mac improves support for iOS 4.3 but one thing it doesn’t do is give users the option to revert back to the color left hand side bar scheme from older versions of iTunes. The decision to change the side bar from color to gray in iTunes 10 has been quite an unpopular one with many Mac users but there is a way to change it.

iTunes 10 UI Overhaul restores color to your iTunes sidebar and other aspect of the UI that have been turned chrome or grey:

iTunes 10 UI Overhaul requires you to perform a 3 step process.

When you open the DMG file, you have to CMD-click two files (iTunes.rsrc and iTunes.icns). Secondly you have to drag the two files to the Folder provided. Finally, you have to double click on a script which gives you the option of restoring the iTunes windows controls (the red, yellow and green buttons at the top of the interface) back into their original horizontal position:

The entire installation process is clearly explained once you execute the DMG file. iTunes 10 UI Overhaul restores several other changes including the old iTunes 9 icon, the iTunes 9 iPod Sync Usage Meter and iTunes 8 style media controls.

However, iTunes 10 UI Overhaul should be used with care. It’s not clear how you uninstall the changes after they’ve been made so you need to be really sure you want to restore color to iTunes before executing the files. If all else fails however, you could always reinstall the latest version of iTunes and it should restore the original chrome and gray interface.



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