How to: Rip songs from MySpace

Want to download a song from MySpace? Well, it’s not as straightforward as you’d think. Trawl the internet and you can find several hacks that purportedly work. Techniques I’ve tried include extracting download links and pasting to Notepad (failed), using to pull songs off MySpace (failed), and downloading via File2HD (you have to pay a fee per song). There are also a few hacks described on the FHN network, none of which I could get to work either.

After almost giving up hope, I stumbled across WonderShare Streaming Audio Recorder, which works a treat. The process of ripping MySpace music is very simple using this software, which is available to download free as a 7-day trial.

1. Start by clicking the Settings icon at the top of the interface. Now select the format you want to save the track in from the drop down list. Supported output file types include MP3, WAV, OGG and AAC.

Step One

2. Visit and load up the page with the song you wish to record. Start playing the song.


Step Two

 3. Return to Streaming Audio Recorder and you should notice the EQ chart moving. Press Record to begin recording the track. Press Stop once the song has finished.


Step Three

Remember of course, that ripping songs without the permission of the artist is illegal. However, for quickly grabbing a song that you own the copyright to, Streaming Audio Recorder is ideal.

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