How to search contacts in Adium

How to search contacts in Adium

adium.pngAdium is the Instant Messenger client of choice for hundreds of thousands of Mac users. It’s simple, lightweight, easy to use and supports almost any IM network. However, it is severely lacking in certain areas. The lack of webcam support is one of the most glaringly obvious but perhaps most basic of all is the lack of a contacts search tool.

A search function has been slated to be added in a future release of Adium but as yet, we’re still waiting. Therefore, the only way I’ve found of searching contacts is to improvise.

If you press CMD and the N key when Adium is active, a new chat window will open:


Start typing the name of the person you want to contact in the To: field and Adium will automatically predict the rest of the name of the contact.This is fine if your contacts all use their real names. However, if you’ve got hundreds of contacts with aliases such as “*STEVE25!***Helloall!***” it doesn’t make things much easier!

Let’s hope Adium introduce a decent powerful search tool that the client surely deserves.

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