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How to sell your things and make money online, 5 apps to help

How to sell your things and make money online, 5 apps to help
Alex Beech

Alex Beech

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Today we are going to show you five great apps to help you sell all those things you don’t need any more. That’s right, it is time to explore your attic for that old copy of Detective Comics #27, dust off that exercise bike you never used, and get ready to find your fortune.

Wallapop (iOS|Android)

First up is Wallapop. For this service has been the go to place to resell almost anything you can think of thanks to its great service and ease of use. All you have to do is describe the object you are selling, add pictures, pick a starting price, and wait for the money to roll in.

5miles (iOS|Android)

5miles is a great app to get rid of all those things you haven’t used in forever. While 5miles is similar to Wallapop it does feature two interesting additions: you can add voice memos to better explain what you are selling, and sell services like property rentals, house cleaning, and jobs.

eBay (iOS|Android|Windows Phone)

Next comes the daddy of them all, eBay. This mobile app has a lot to offer. Along with letting you buy items of all kinds in every condition imaginable,  you can also search using barcodes, shop and sell all over the world, and let it bid for you after setting your maximum price.

DePop (iOS|Android)

As a resale app, DePop tries to be a little more exclusive by focusing solely on vintage items. Presented in a similar way to Instagram, DePop is all about aesthetics and style. It offers options to specify whether you want to pay in person with cash or use Paypal to have it shipped.

Obsso (iOS|Android)

We all have loads of things sat around our house that we don’t use but don’t know the value of. This is where Obsso comes in, a bartering app that doesn’t use money. Functioning like all the other apps on the list, this app will help you find others in your area who want to trade their stuff for yours – no money necessary.

Next week we are going to bring you the best 5 VPNs – apps that allow you to access the Internet safely. Don’t miss that, and I will see you then.

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