How to stop Adium spam

How to stop Adium spam

After many years of relatively problem free Adium use, in recent months I’ve been plagued by random contact requests and messages. It seems barely a day goes by now when a new spam contact requests permission to be added to my list when I open Adium or a spam conversation dialog suddenly opens.

Adium spam

Fortunately, the solution to this problem is very simple although you might need to go beyond Adium to fix it.

Firstly, check your Adium privacy settings by going to Adium then Privacy Settings in your top menu bar. Make sure that All Accounts is selected along with Allow only contacts on my contact list.


This should stop the majority of spam messages but if you’re finding that they’re still getting through, you’ll need to access the privacy settings in Microsoft Messenger for Mac and block all other users and deselect alerts from other senders.


Dealing with spam contact requests is much harder because neither Adium or Microsoft Messenger have a privacy setting for this. When I logged into my Microsoft Messenger account, I received eight consecutive spam requests like the one below which is really annoying:

Microsoft Messenger contact spam

A few tickets here and here had been opened by users of Adium to add a privacy feature to block this kind of problem none seem to have been resolved satisfactorily. It seems that the only way to prevent the problem is to remove your Microsoft Messenger account from Adium completely. If spam requests are making your life hell, and you can convince your buddies to follow you, it may be worth switching to a different IM client.

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