How to: Stream video from a Mac to a Wii

How to: Stream video from a Mac to a Wii

Wii TransferTom and Elena have already explained how to stream movies from your Mac to a PS3 and an XBox. To complete the series, I’m going to explain how to stream movies from Mac to your Wii. The good news is, it couldn’t be simpler using a nifty little app called Wii Transfer. Wii Transfer not only allows you to stream movies to your Wii, but also photos, music and it even allows you to backup your Wii profiles.

Here is how to in 3 easy steps.

1. Download the Wii internet channel

Fortunately, Nintendo have seen sense and stopped charging $10 for it. The browser is now available for free. Just go to Wii Shopping on the main menu to download it.

2. Convert your videos for streaming

In the main interface, click on the “Movie” tab in the left-hand menu and drag and drop your movie files into it. Wii Transfer will then convert your films into a format the Wii can read so you may have to wait a while for this.


3. Setup sharing

Go back to the “Sharing” tab. You’ll see an IP address like: Enter this into your Wii internet browser.


That’s it! You will see your video files in the Movie menu.


You’ll also notice you can browse your iPhoto and iTunes collection via the Photos and Music menus too. Wii Transfer integrates with both apps although it would be nice to see this include integration for Picassa, Spotify and others. Note that in the trial version of Wii Transfer, you won’t have any sound in converted movies, you can’t play more than 1 song at a time, import iTunes playlists, shuffle, or browse photos without watermarks on. However, for a modest $19, you can unlock all of these features.

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