How to: Upload VideoPad videos to YouTube

How to: Upload VideoPad videos to YouTube

We’ve noticed a lot of people out there wondering how to upload VideoPad videos to YouTube. If you’re one of them, you’re in luck – it’s super easy and much less complicated than making the video in the first place!

1: Make or import your video. VideoPad developers NCH Software have a nice series of online tutorials if you need a little help with this. Once you are finished, save your project file.

2: Go to Save Movie under the File options. The window that pops up will probably be on the default setting – Disc – but if you scroll along to the right, YouTube will appear.

3: Once YouTube settings come up, it’s really simple. Just add your YouTube username and password, and fill in all the self-explanatory details. Once you hit OK, VideoPad will process your video, upload and publish it to your YouTube account, completely automatically. When it’s finished, you’ll get a success message, and your video will already be online and ready for your adoring fans.

Making YouTube videos with VideoPad couldn’t be simpler!

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