How to use CmapTools

How to use CmapTools

CmapTools is the perfect program for creating relational charts, conceptual maps, or any other kind of diagrams you can think of. However, it’s a bit complex and using it requires a bit of training. In this video tutorial we will show you some basic hints on how to use it!

How to use CmapTools por softonic-en

1. First, open CmapTools. If you don’t have it installed, you can download it for free from this link.

2. Double-click on the middle of the screen and start by creating a concept. Name the concept, and drag it to any area of the screen. You can also enlarge it at will.

3. You will see a couple of arrows at the top of the active concept. Click on them to create new arrows that can then be used to link to new concepts. A rectangle will appear with lines connecting both.

4. As you draft your conceptual map you will be able to add more concepts and ideas.

5. In the “Styles” window you’ll be able to change the following things about your conceptual map:

  • On the “Font” tab, you’ll be able to change the font’s name and size, color, alignment, and add mathematical characters.
  • On the “Object” tab you’ll see how to change the color of the concepts, add  shadows, change the shapes, or even add a background image.
  • On the “Line” tab you’ll be able to change the lines’ colors, thickness, style, shape, connection direction, and arrowheads.
  • On the “Cmap” tab you’ll see how to change the background color of the whole conceptual map and to add a background image.

6. Finally, once your conceptual map is finished you’ll be able to export it as a PDF, image file, and many other formats. Don’t forget to save your changes!

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