How to use Eggs on Pokémon GO

How do I get the eggs?

Eggs are one of the rewards you get for visiting Pokestops and are one of the best objects for leveling up your Pokémon trainer.

Getting them is simple: get close to a Pokestop, tap on the symbol when you are close enough to it and then spin the symbol until you get all of the rewards. Doing this will normally get you Pokeballs and incense, but if you’re lucky you’ll also get eggs.

Pokémon Go Egg

How do I use the eggs?

The first thing you have to do is tap on the Pokeball at the bottom of your screen, open the list of and then swipe right to find your eggs.

To start the incubation process, all you have to do is tap on the egg. After that you have to walk a certain distance (the distance needed is shown below the egg) to make the egg hatches

To do all of this, the app must be open (so be sure to charge your phone) and above all you cannot cheat. Don’t even think about driving or taking a bus to avoid walking. The good thing is that you don’t have to walk this distance all at once, so you can do it over several plays and even on different days.

How much do I need to walk for each egg?

Over a mile is the minimum distance per egg and it will take you around half an hour to do it at a moderate pace. The next Pokémon egg category will require about three miles of walking and takes between 45 minutes and an hour to do.

Incubators and Pokémon Go Eggs

The best Pokémon eggs require roughly 6 miles of walking for incubation and at least 2 hours to do. So keep your battery fully charged and consider even carrying around some portable batteries for your phone.

The big question: what kind of Pokémon will I get?

As you can imagine, depending on the distance you walk, the Pokémon you’ll encounter will be more and more rare. So if an egg requires you to walk 10 kilometers, you can expect to have a very rare Pokémon. Here’s a complete list of the Pokémon you can get according to the distance you walk.

Walking over a mile on Pokémon Go


 bulbasaurpokemongo-2 001 – Bulbasaur

Type:  Grass / Poison

Evolves into: Ivysaur

 charmanderpokemongo #004 – Charmander

Type: Fire

Evolves into: Charmeleon

 squirtlepokemongo #007 – Squirtle

Type: Water

Evolves into: Wartortle

 caterpiepokemongo #010 – Caterpie

Type: Bug

Evolves into: Metapod

 weedlepokemongo #013 – Weedle

Type: Bug / Poison

Evolves into: Kakuna

 pidgeypokemongo #016 – Pidgey

Type: Normal / Flying

Evolves into: Pidgeotto

 ratattapokemongo #019 – Rattata

Type: Normal

Evolves into: Raticate

 spearowpokemongo #021 – Spearow

Type: Normal / Flying

Evolves into: Fearow

 pikachupokemongo #025 – Pikachu

Type: Electric

Evolves into: Raichu

 clefairypokemongo #035 – Clefairy

Type: Fairy

Evolves into: Clefable

 jigglypuffpokemongo #039 – Jigglypuff

Type: Normal / Fairy

Evolves into: Wigglytuff

 zubapokemongo #041 – Zubat

Type: Poison / Flying

Evolves into: Golbat

 geodudepokemongo #074 – Geodude

Type: Rock / Ground

Evolves into: Graveler

 magikarppokemongo #129 – Magikarp

Type: Water

Evolves into: Gyarados


Walking about 3 miles on Pokémon Go


 ekanspokemongo #023 – Ekans

Type: Poison

Evolves into: Arbok

 Sandshrewpokemongo #027 – Sandshrew

Type: Ground

Evolves into: Sandslash

 nidoranfpokemongo #029 – Nidoran F

Type: Poison

Evolves into: Nidorina

 nidoranmpokemongo #032 – Nidoran M

Type: Poison

Evolves into: Nidorino

  vulpixpokemongo #037 – Vulpix

Type: Fire

Evolves into: Ninetales

 oddishpokemongo #043 – Oddish

Type: Grass / Poison

Evolves into: Gloom

 paraspokemongo #046 – Paras

Type: Bug / Grass

Evolves into: Parasect

 venonatpokemongo #048 – Venonat

Type: Bug / Poison

Evolves into: Venomoth

 diggletpokemongo #050 – Diglett

Type: Ground

Evolves into: Dugtrio

 meowuthpokemongo #052 – Meowth

Type: Normal

Evolves into: Persian

 psyduckpokemongo #054 – Psyduck

Type: Water

Evolves into: Golduck

 mankeypokemongo #056 – Mankey

Type: Fighter

Evolves into: Primeape

 growlithepokemongo #058 – Growlithe

Type: Fire

Evolves into: Arcanine

 poliwagpokemongo #060 – Poliwag

Type: Water

Evolves into: Poliwhirl

 abrapokemongo #063 – Abra

Type: Psychic

Evolves into: Kadabra

 machoppokemongo #066 – Machop

Type: Fighter

Evolves into: Machoke

 bellsproutpokemongo #069 – Bellsprout

Type: Grass / Poison

Evolves into: Weepinbell

 tentacoolpokemongo #072 – Tentacool

Type: Water / Poison

Evolves into: Tentacruel

 ponytapokemongo #077 – Ponyta

Type: Fire

Evolves into: Rapidash

slowpokepokemongo #079 – Slowpoke

Type: Water / Psychic

Evolves into: Slowbro

 magnemitepokemongo #081 – Magnemite

Type: Lightning / Steel

Evolves into: Magneton

 farfecht #083 – Farfetch’d

Type: Normal / Flying

 doduopokemongo #084 – Doduo

Type: Normal / Flying

Evolves into: Dodrio

 seelpokemongo #086 – Seel

Type: Water

Evolves into: Dewgong

 grimerpokemongo #088 – Grimer

Type: Poison

Evolves into: Muk

 shellderpokemoongo #090 – Shellder

Type: Water

Evolves into: Cloyster

 gastlypokemongo #092 – Gastly

Type: Ghost / Poison

Evolves into: Haunter

 dwozeepokemongo #096 – Drowzee

Type: Psychic

Evolves into: Hypno

 krabbypokemongo #098 – Krabby

Type: Water

Evolves to: Kingler

 voltorbpokemongo #100 – Voltorb

Type: Lightning

Evolves to: Electrode

 exegcutepokemongo #102 – Exeggcute

Type: Grass / Psychic

Evolves to: Exeggutor

 cubonepokemongo #104 – Cubone

Type: Ground

Evolves to: Marowak

 lickitungpokemongo #108 – Lickitung

Type: Normal

 koffingpokemongo #109 – Koffing

Type: Poison

Evolves to: Weezing

 rhyhornpokemongo #111 – Rhyhorn

Type: Ground / Rock

Evolves to: Rhydon

 tangelapokemongo #114 – Tangela

Type: Grass

 kanaskhanpokemongo #115 – Kangaskhan

Type: Normal

 horseapokemongo #116 – Horsea

Type: Water

Evolves to: Seadra

 goldeenpokemongo #118 – Goldeen

Type: Water

Evolves to: Seaking

 staryupokemongo #120 – Staryu

Type: Water

Evolves to: Starmie

 taurospokemongo #128 – Tauros

Type: Normal

 porygonpokemongo #137 – Porygon

Type: Normal

Walking 6 miles or above on Pokémon Go

 onixpokemongo #095 – Onix

Type: Rock / Ground

 hitmonleepokemongo #106 – Hitmonlee

Type: Fighter

 hitmonchanpokemongo #107 – Hitmonchan

Type: Fighter

 chanseypokemongo #113 – Chansey

Type: Normal

 mrmimepokemongo #122 – Mr. Mime

Type: Psychic / Fairy

 scytherpokemongo #123 – Scyther

Type: Bug / Flying

 jynxpokemongo-2 #124 – Jynx

Type: Ice / Psychic

 electabuzzpokemongo #125 – Electabuzz

Type: Lightning

 magmarpokemongo #126 – Magmar

Type: Fire

 pinsirpokemongo #127 – Pinsir

Type: Bug

 lapraspokemongo #131 – Lapras

Type: Water / Ice

 eeveepokemongo #133 – Eevee

Type: Normal

Evolves to: Vaporeon, Jolteon, o Flareon

 omanytepokemongo #138 – Omanyte

Type: Rock / Water

Evolves to: Omastar

 kabutopokemongo #140 – Kabuto

Type: Rock / Water

Evolves to: Kabutops

 aerodactyl #142 – Aerodactyl

Type: Rock / Flying

 snorlaxpokemongo #143 – Snorlax

Type: Normal

 dratinipokemongo #147 – Dratini

Type: Dragon

Evolves to: Dragonair


Remember that you should always be aware of your surroundings while playing Pokémon GO. Also keep in mind that this game depletes your battery pretty quickly, so you may want to carry some extra batteries with you when you’re out and about.

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