How to Use Internet Download Manager to Make Money

How to Use Internet Download Manager to Make Money

You’ve probably already figured out that Internet Download Manager offers so much in the way of efficiency when getting files from the web, but did you know that it could also make you money? Check out how this powerful tool can pay you just for recommending it to friends and family!

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Wait, before delving into the details, it’s a good idea to understand how affiliate marketing programs work. In a nutshell, a company will pay someone a commission, or percentage of a sale, when that person helps the company make the sale.

So, for example, you could be an affiliate of a web page, and they will give you a special link to put on your website or to pass along to friends. If someone visits this special link and becomes a paid subscriber of this specific web page, the site knows that you are the person specifically responsible for the new business. As a result, you get paid each time someone signs up through your link.

Internet Download Manager’s Affiliate Program

So, how does Internet Download Manager’s affiliate program work? First, you can join the program for free. You then receive a special link that you use when linking the through the free tools Internet Download Manager provides, such as banners and images that you can place on your website. When someone makes a purchase that is tracked back to your special link, you receive 20% of the sale. That’s it!

The best part is that, when using your code, the person doesn’t have to make a purchase right away. Instead, he or she can download a free trial, give it a whirl, and if he or she chooses to buy Internet Download Manager after a month, you still receive the 20% commission.

How to Effectively Use Affiliate Marketing

In order to use affiliate marketing effectively, you’ll need a space on the Internet where you can place your special link. This could be your own website or websites, but even if you don’t have a website, you can still earn money.

For example, you could advertise your link via social media and encourage your friends and followers to click the link to check out Internet Download Manager. Likewise, with permission, you could include your link in your signature on message boards and forums. Basically, any online space where you can place your link is prime real estate to start getting paid.

In fact, if you wanted to take things out of the digital realm and into the physical, you could create a QR code for your link and then have it printed onto business cards that you could hand out. Basically, the sky is the limit as long as you can discuss all of the benefits of purchasing Internet Download Manager and get people to visit your special link.

How Often Do Affiliates Get Paid?

Like many affiliate programs, Internet Download Manager issues payments once a month via check.

If you love Internet Download Manager, don’t forget to check out Free Download Manager!

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