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How to use Mailtrack to see when someone opens your email


Do you find yourself wondering whether someone has opened the email you sent them? With the Mailtrack browser extension, you can find that out easily! The basic version of Mailtrack is free. But for just $5 a month (with an annual plan), you can get the pro version, which you can use for several different emails.

Stop feeling so in the dark. Follow these three simple steps to get Mailtrack so you never have to wonder again whether someone opened your email.

How to use Mailtrack to see when someone opens your email

1. Install Mailtrack

Mailtrack is a browser extension that works with many browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Also, Mailtrack is compatible with Gmail. Find it online at

2. Send an email

When you send an email with your Gmail account, Mailtrack will add a check mark next to the email in your Sent box. This check mark next to the email lets you know that the email has been successfully sent to the recipient. If the email bounces or cannot be delivered to the recipient, then the check mark will not appear next to it.

3. Check to see if your email has been read

Finally, once you send an email, you can sit back and wait to see if the recipient opens it. You will know it’s been opened because a second check mark will appear next to the first one and you’ll get a real-time notification.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use email tracker, give Mailtrack a try.

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