How to use Messenger Reviver 2

How to use Messenger Reviver 2

App iconAre you displeased about Microsoft’s transition from Windows Live Messenger to Skype? On April 8th, all Messenger users (except those in mainland China) were forced to migrate to Skype. Thankfully there is a solution for those yearning to use Messenger again. Messenger Reviver 2 allows you to patch or reinstall fully functional versions of Windows Live Messenger.

Note that this is not a permanent solution as Microsoft still plans to fully discontinue Messenger and all of its services at a later date (estimated around March 2014). Messenger Reviver 2 is also an unofficial app, so it is possible that Microsoft will block this workaround in the future. In any case you should also check our complete guide to moving from Messenger to Skype. Also consider other alternatives such as Google Talk and Facebook Messenger.

We’ll show you how to use Messenger Reviver 2 and get Windows Messenger running again.

Installation types

Advanced options

Messenger Reviver 2 has three different functions for getting Windows Live Messenger running. If you already have an old version of Messenger installed you can “Patch Messenger” (or “Revive”) to make them fully functional. If no versions of Messenger are installed, you can “Do a new Messenger install” to install Messenger 2009 or Messenger 2012. If you’ve already upgraded to Skype you may “Do a repair Messenger install” to Revive your disabled Messenger. Messenger Reviver 2 automatically detects which of these three installation types you’ll need, but you can also select them manually by hitting the “Advanced” button at the bottom.

Patch Messenger

patch messenger

If you haven’t upgraded to Skype and still have Messenger installed, you can patch it. Messenger Reviver 2 detects the 2009, 2011, and 2012 versions of Messenger and sorts them in a list. Select the version of Messenger you wish to convert and hit “Start”. You can also pick from 47 different languages. Wait for the process to complete and you’ll be able to log into that version of Messenger. When you reopen Messenger Reviver 2 it will note which Messengers have been “Revived”.

New Messenger

new install

If no version of Messenger is installed you can install fresh versions of Messenger 2009 and Messenger 2012 (but not 2011). Click on which one you wish to install to start the process. Note that you can only add one of the two; if one is already installed, the other choice will not be selectable. The Messenger 2009 installation will complete without any confirmation while the Messenger 2012 installation has a few more steps.

essentials 2012

For Messenger 2012 a new window will open. Click on the prompt to Install Windows Essentials 2012. Wait for the installation to complete and you’ll receive a window displaying “Microsoft Services Agreement”. Hit “Accept” to complete the installation (Note: this might require admin privileges).

Repair Messenger

repair messenger

If you’ve already migrated to Skype you can still switch back to Messenger. “Repair Messenger” will restore any old versions of Messenger that Skype removed. Simply hit the “Begin” button and the fixes bring back Messenger.

Messenger works, but why use it?

Messenger will be up and running again with Messenger Reviver 2, allowing you to log in with your Microsoft account exactly as you remember it. This includes a large number of emoticons and Bing integration (in the 2012 version). The question is, why cling on to a doomed app? Yes, you might be used to Messenger but Microsoft has been adamant about replacing Messenger with Skype. Even with Messenger Reviver 2, access to Windows Live Messenger is projected to end by 2014, if not sooner.

Messenger Reviver 2 is a temporary fix so you should get familiar with Skype or use another service like Facebook Messenger or Google Talk. These chat apps have features comparable to Windows Live Messenger and will offer support. Some of them connect to social networks and have mobile apps, making chatting even more accessible. Eventually the amount of people on Windows Live Messenger will dwindle. Those that hold on to it will find it harder to adjust when it’s finally gone.

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