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How to watch streaming TV for free

How to watch streaming TV for free
Ben Bowman

Ben Bowman

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Are you still paying for cable TV? If so, how are your grandchildren? Wow, they grow so quickly.

Seriously, you need to cut the cord. Cable TV is needlessly expensive and you always end up with tons of channels you never watch.  We highly recommend dropping ye olde cable box into the nearest ocean and switching to streaming TV.

After exhaustive research, our favorite streaming TV service is PlayStation Vue. You don’t need a PlayStation to watch it. You can pull it up on your desktop or your tablet or your smart TV. Apple TV? Yep. Roku? Yes. Google Chromecast and Fire TV? Yes and yes.

Pull up PS Vue on your work computer during a boring meeting. Watch it on the train on your way to work. Use it in your hotel room instead of being stuck with their four channels.

What’s available on PlayStation Vue?

Just about every channel. In most markets, you can watch your local CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX affiliates. (If not, an over-the-air antenna will solve that problem.) You can also get nearly every major cable channel: HBO, Showtime, CNN, E!, TBS, TNT, and USA.

PS Vue is a winner for sports, too. ESPN, FS1, and NFL Network are available. And NFL Red Zone is a life-changing experience on Sundays if you’ve never tried it. The MLB and NBA networks are also available. Want to go nuts? You can add on a Sports Pack that includes: MLB Network Strike Zone, ESPN Goal Line, ESPN Bases Loaded, ESPN Classic, FOX College Sports Atlantic, FOX College Sports Central, FOX College Sports Pacific, Longhorn Network, NESN, Eleven Sports, Outside TV, and seven regional NBC Sports networks.

Is there a DVR?

Yes. A cloud-based DVR allows you to hold infinite shows for 28 days. You’ll also have access to on-demand channels, and you can use your PS Vue logon to sign into specific channel apps like HBO NOW.

Any downsides?

Yes, but they’re minor. First, you’re going to need an internet connection, so you still may need to pay those weasels at your cable company.

There are also some major channels missing from the lineup. That means no MTV, Comedy Central, A&E, VH1, or Nickelodeon. Though to be honest, those shows are about 20 years past their prime. You won’t miss them.

Get it free

Right now, Groupon is offering a free 14-day trial of PlayStation Vue. Click here to sign up. (Normally, PS Vue only offers a 5-day trial.) And be sure to add the app to your tablet and phone. Download it here:

PlayStation Vue Mobile Download Free ►
Ben Bowman

Ben Bowman

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